So why have we created a website entirely focused on beard oils? Well, we just think hat beard oils are a really manly and fun product to use. There are literally hundreds of different brands on the market, and they all have their own signature feel and scent. Finding a new and to us unknown oil that we like, really makes the beard tingle and brings us Christmas-like joy. We’ll be continuously testing and reviewing new oils and beard products as they arrive on the market, to create a best top ten list of our favourites. Feel free to leave suggestions about specific products you’d like us to try, and if you feel like you’re the one selling the world’s best beard oil, send us some and we’ll try it out.

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Who we are

The ones behind Beardoil are three bearded men in our prime. We are best friends since forever, but life has taken us to different places around the world. Thanks to this, we can gather impressions, ideas, and news from different countries and cultures. All three of us have always taken great care with our appearance, and we often recommend new products to each other, as well as the today’s latest fashion from each respective world.

Our goal

Our goal with Beardoil is to give you as a visitor an unbiased and honest description of the most popular beard oils on the market today. We believe and hope that the beard trend will keep going strong, and we’ll regularly update this website with our thoughts, musings, and opinions on this wonderful product that is beard oil. We hope you find your own favourite among the oils we test.