Apothecary 87 – Original recipe

Nicely designed label, even nicer packaging (which is a bit over dimensional, however), and our expectations rose like a hot air balloon to the sky. “This can only be a clear winner,” someone said. We sat for some time analysing both the bottle and the packaging and became more and more impatient. What does this lovely thing actually smell like? The answer wasn’t quite what we expected.


Our first thought when we unscrewed the cap and took our first sniffs was… the complimentary soap in the local public pool’s showers! Granted, we did have sky high expectations for this beard oil, and that perhaps made things worse, but this scent crashed headfirst into the swimming pool tiles.

Bottle and packaging

Fantastic design of both the label and the packaging, but why, WHY is this delivered without a dropper? It doesn’t even have a pouring stopper, which leaves you with far too much oil in your hand. Thumbs up for the design, thumbs down for the practical aspects.


This time, our dreams turned to sand. It’s not often that our hopes are so brutally crushed, as they have been in this case. Shame, with such beautiful packaging.