Beard Grooming kit

To give away a gift set with beard products is very popular, at the moment, and that’s not particularly strange. All girlfriends of bearded men want it to both look and smell nice. That’s why we’ve listed nine of the coolest beard grooming gift sets right now, with beard oils and other products to keep a beard in shape.

#1 Noberu Beard Grooming Kit

The Swedish brand Noberu of Sweden belongs to the absolute top tier when it comes to beard maintenance (especially beard oils). They offer several interesting scents, and have put together a very nice gift set just in time for Christmas. An obvious (and necessary) present for anyone with a beard.

Scent: Fresh lime
Price: 529 kr
Overall impression: One of the absolute best beard oils right now + shampoo and wax.
Our score: 4,9 out of 5

#2 Angry Norwegian gift set

Yes, this might just be the best gift set on the market for all bearded men. The box includes for example oil, wax, scissors, and a comb, all in a manly metal container and a nice hessian sack. Undoubtedly the coolest beard kit right now! Thumbs up from us.

Scent: Just the right amount of oak
Price: 449 kr
Overall impression: It doesn’t get much manlier than this.
Our score: 4,85 out of 5

#3 Mr Bear Family gift set

Why yes, Mr Bear Family has also put together a really good gift set, with beard oil, conditioner, shampoo, and mustache wax. Here, your man gets quality in every product.

Scent: Pine needles
Price: 749 kr
Overall impression: Four good products for a good price.
Our score: 4,85 out of 5

#4 Hommer’s gift set

A really attractive and cool box of high-quality beard products ― Hommer’s gift set contains everything for the vain and fashionable man. Or how about a 50ml bottle of beard oil, 250ml beard shampoo, as well as a bunch of beard wipes that together give the beard a nice shine and smell.

Scent: Fresh smell of driftwood
Price: 499 kr
Overall impression: Very affordable.
Our score: 4,85 out of 5

#5 Oak Natural gift set

If you really want to spoil your bearded man, you should definitely spend a few minutes on a closer look at this gift set from Oak Natural. The set has a bottle of beard oil, beard wax, as well as one of the nicest-looking beard brushes on the market. A perfect gift for all the bearded ones!

Scent: Sweet grapefruit
Price: 949 kr
Overall impression: Affordable.
Our score: 4,8 out of 5

#6 Apothecary 87 gift set

A very nice gift set with two Apothecary 87 beard oils, a tin of mustache wax, and a spectacularly stylish wooden comb.

Scent: Vanilla/Mango and Original Recipe
Price: 695 kr
Overall impression: A complete gift set for the picky ones.
Our score: 4,7 out of 5

#7 Sisuman gift set

A really cool set with products from Finnish Sisuman. Here, we’re talking stainless steel, through and through. The kit has beard oil, wax, and a comb.

Scent: Pine needles and vanilla
Price: 390 kr
Overall impression: A real hardcore kit.
Our score: 4,7 out of 5

#8 Captain Fawcett’s gift set

The classic beard oil, Captain Fawcett, is also in a gift set containing a 50ml bottle of oil, as well as a cool beard comb to tame even the wildest of beards.

Scent: Smell of old oak rubbed with lemon
Price: 495 kr
Overall impression: A really fashionable gift set with everything your bearded man needs.
Our score: 4,7 out of 5

#9 Benjamin Barber beard kit

This beard kit from Benjamin Barber, among others, is the perfect starter kit for all men just beginning to grow a beard. The kit has four must-have products for a well-maintained beard, that is, Benjamin Barber’s Black Oak beard oil, a pair of beard scissors, and a beard comb from Sailor’s, as well as a beard filler which makes the beard look thicker.

Scent: Leather and wood
Price: 705 kr
Overall impression: Very affordable
Our score: 4,6 out of 5

More gift sets will be presented shortly…