Beard Monkey – Sweet Tobacco

We’ve gotten several requests to try out Beard Monkey’s beard oil, so here is the anticipated review. We were excited, to say the least, when we unscrewed the cap and took our first sniffs. Vi smelled, and tried to find that promised scent of sweet tobacco ― but all we got was a flashback to lazy days in our youth spent on the beach, oiled up with Hawaiian Tropic.

The fact that it smells almost exactly like Hawaiian Tropic isn’t a bad thing, in itself. It has that fresh scent of smoky coconut, and that’s not bad, either. We do however have a hard time detecting that “sweet tobacco”, but overall we all give this one a thumbs up.

Bottle and packaging
Dropper ― hurrah! As usual, we think a dropper should be standard, and this bottle has a cocky red version, which takes its rightful place in the bathroom cabinet. The label could do with an update, however, seeing as how it’s a bit too “simple” for our taste.

A good and proper beard oil with a scent that lasts. We did have to rearrange our expectations concerning an oil with “sweet tobacco scent”, but we also fancied the fresh “Hawaiian Tropic scent”. Thumbs up from all of us!