New review – Rumble 59 Mandarin

Stop the presses! We’ve found the obvious beard oil of choice for all the fruit lovers out there. This oil smells of sun ripe mandarins, all the way out to the tip of the dropper, and it gives the wearer a fresh and fruity aura. Sound like something for you? Read our full review of Rumble 59 Mandarin here ›››

We pick out the best beard oil of 2016!

Well damn, what fun we’ve had during 2016. We’ve discussed, fought, and eventually hugged over the nearly 30 different beard oils we’ve tested over the past year. And now, we’ve come to the final decision on which oil nabs first place for 2016.


Drum roll… TADAA!! Yes, since this beard oil has been in first place throughout the latter half of the year, the prize obviously goes to Edwin Jagger’s Limes & Pomegranates. We still love it!

So… What’s the best beard oil of 2017? Join us this year, as we test the new candidates on the market and pit them against the previous champions. We’ll be posting the next test shortly.

Oh, less than two months to go!

Have you thought about that there’re less than two months, until Christmas Eve? Here, we’re frantically testing new oils and trying to get our thoughts in print in time for the impending Christmas rush. Because what could be a better gift for your bearded friend, than a really nice beard oil?


We all know someone walking around with a really thick beard, and of course you should light up his life with a bottle of beard oil for Christmas. Look through our tested oils, and choose the one you think he’ll like best… And don’t forget to say hello from us.

New review! Broder Joe – Trollskog

We have for a while now heard mumbles and tips about this eco-friendly oil from the deepest parts of the forest, so when we finally got our hands on a bottle, it felt like Christmas morning. We can immediately say that this oil isn’t for everyone ― it takes a brave beard-wearer to take this one on, but as we all know 2015 ― the higher the stakes, the bigger the win.

Read our full review of Broder Joe’s Trollskog here ›››

World Beard Day!

We give our beards an extra twirl and tip our hats for all the beard-wearing men of our oblong country. Together, we stand for something very special, and hope that we keep our distance from shaving blades, shaving cream, and anything else that may threaten our beloved beards.

Stay bearded and rock on!

​Read more about World Beard Day ›››

The hunt for the perfect beard oil continues!

Well well, autumn draws nearer, and it’s particularly important to take care of your little (or gigantic) beard. We’re incredibly happy and grateful that so many beard oil suppliers want us to test and review their beard oils, and of course we gladly do it. We’re testing like mad, at the moment, and soon we’ll be presenting our results here on the website.


So, our goal is to find that perfect beard oil you just can’t be without. An oil that both makes your beard look at its best, and that smells like an angel’s conditioner and completely dominates the bathroom cabinet!

The search continues. Keep your eyes open for the next review… It looks like it might be something very special.

Which beard oil do you want to see reviewed?

We’re trying to give as fair and clear reviews as possible of the various beard oils on the market. We’re always looking for new, exciting oils to tickle our noses and tame our beards. So which oil would you like us to test next? One you’re missing? One you yourself use, and want to share?


Please leave a suggestion in the comments below, and we’ll test it ASAP!

New review! Golden Beards – Toscana

After several emails requesting this beard oil, we have now tested it. Unfortunately, we must admit that we’re disappointed with this oil. The scent is too strong and strange, the bottle and its label are boring, and it’s overall just an unexciting product. We find nothing about this oil that takes us to Tuscany. Sorry, Golden Beards, you can do better!

Read our full review of Golden Beards – Toscana here ›››

New review! Noberu Feather Beard Oil – Sandalwood

We complement the latest test of Noberu’s Heavy oil, with the lighter Feather – Sandalwood. Sure enough, this one is a little lighter in consistency and easy to wash out, plus it comes in the typical Noberu-bottle that other beard oil bottles should honestly strive to emulate.

However, we’re a little reserved when it comes to the scent. Yes, sandalwood smells good, but this one makes us think of a newly-built sauna whose wood paneling has just started heating up. At least, that’s what we think. On the other hand, if you love the smell of a sauna, this is the beard oil for you.

New review – Sisuman Beard oil

After careful testing, we have now managed to agree on a review of the beard oil from the east. Sisuman may have the coolest bottle on today’s market, and the oil itself holds its own. We think this little scoundrel has a clear place among the best, at the moment, and everyone on the panel gives it a big thumbs up.

Read the full review of Sisuman Beard oil here ›››

Sisuman soon reviewed

Look! This little Finnish rascal dropped into our postbox the other day, and the first impression really is WOW! The coolest bottle on the market, with a distinct scent of…? Testing is in full swing, and a full and comprehensive review will be posted shortly.

What’s your favourite beard oil?

During our testing of beard oils, some oils stand out, while others run away to hide under a floral tablecloth in shame. Nothing wrong with that ― some are good… and others are… just rubbish. That’s one of the reasons we run this website. We simply want to test and find our absolute favourites among the beard oils on the market today. 


But what do you think about the oils you use, or have previously tried? Which one is your favourite in the bathroom cabinet? Leave a comment below and let us know what gems we might have missed.

More beard oils on the way!

After all our beard oil tests, we now face a particular problem in the mornings ― which one of our favourite oils shall we choose? Let’s say we scratch our beards and peruse all the bottles, before picking the one that feels best that day. That’s part of the appeal of having many oils to choose from ― being able to choose oils and scents according to the mood and feel of the day.


Right now we’re testing two new oils, and we’ll soon be sharing our thoughts and verdicts on them both. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest in the field of beard oils!

What scent are you missing?

If you were to daydream for a bit… to a world where anything is possible… without rules or limitations… what would your beard oil smell like?

​Take a moment and think about it, then write your own favourite beard oil scent in the comments. We love new, crazy suggestions and ideas, so let us know!

New page – Beard grooming gift sets

We get plenty of emails from visitors who ask about various gift sets to give to boyfriends and such, and that’s why we’ve now created a new page just for this. On the page Gift sets, we’ve chosen three different gift sets/kits that we think are the perfect present.

​Check out the page beard grooming kit ›››

New reviews! Brighton Mandarin & Cedarwood, and Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate

Now we’re finally done testing two new beard oils ― Brighton Beard Company Mandarin & Cedarwood, as well as Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate. Out of these two, we’ve found a real favourite that will be with us for a long time ahead. Which one? Read our reviews to find out.

Read our full review of Brighton Beard Company Mandarin & Cedarwood ›››

Read our full review of Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate ›››

New beard oils being reviewed

That’s right, we’ve recently got a delivery with two new beard oils we’re reviewing out like crazy. We’re talking about The Brighton Beard Company Mandarin & Cedarwood, and Edwin Jagger’s Limes & Pomegranate, ready to get a taste of what we think. These are two fruity oils that’ll fit just right this summer, so if you’re curious about the results, come back in a few days.

Tips concerning any specific beard oils

Here at the office, we’re frantically searching for new beard oils to review. Because we want to give as broad a selection as possible, we’d like some help and tips about interesting oils out there. Do you have a good suggestion or request about a specific oil you’d like us to review? Send us an email through our contact form, and we’ll check it out right away. 

Do you have your own beard oil for sale? Feel free to send us a bottle, and we’ll tell you what we think… if you dare 🙂

Hang onto your beard – new reviews are coming

We’ve just received yet another delivery of beard oils, so you’ll find new reviews shortly of for example The Bearded Man Sandalwood, and Gents Beard Oil, here at Beardoil.

If you want us to test any beard oil in particular, please leave a suggestion through our contact form or in the comments.

More reviews are happening!

We don’t mess around, here. We are in the middle of new testing of exciting beard oils, and we’ll present the results here at Beardoil shortly. We’re always getting suggestions for oils that you want to see tested, and of course we will do everything we can to make time for them, too.

Keep your eyes peeled, because more tests will be showing up.

New beard oils on the way

Now you’d better keep your eyes open. We’ve got a new load of nice beard oils on their way to the office for reviewing. We’re keeping all our fingers crossed that one of them claims first place. What do you think?

Check back in a few days, and you’ll have your answer.

Beard oil as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Sure, why not? That’s what we say. Regardless of if you’re a girl or a bloke and going steady with a proper beard (or someone with three day stubble), this loving little gift could take your relationship to new levels. Imagine no longer having to prick yourself on sharp beard hairs, being able to nuzzle up against a beard that smells of meadows, and make sure that your man gets a new scent in his bathroom arsenal. Aah, that’s what we call love.

So hurry up and find your own favourite, and get a bottle for Valentine’s Day. Hurry, hurry, you’ve got one week.

A little thought…

Hmmm… We sat on our porch one day, thinking… “What did people do before beard oil really became a thing?” We furrowed our brows, gazed into the distance, and began to unconsciously hum in unison, as our brains searched for the answer.

Yeah, what did one do? Sure, beard care products have existed throughout the ages, but only in later years has beard oil reached the masses. Why? Surely, there were plenty of impressive beards around 10-20 years ago, too?

Regardless of why this trend has had such a breakthrough in the past decade, we’d like to give a strong hurrah for all the exciting, nicely scented, and surprising beard oils on the market today. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!!!

Do you have a theory of your own? Share it in the comments.

Which is your favourite among beard oils?

Now that we’ve tested the first ten products, we’d be glad to hear which ones are your favourites in the beard oil jungle. Which one stole your heart, and why? Which brand would you like to suggest? Write a quick reply in the comments, and we’d be happy to give it a closer look.

Launching our beloved website,

Aah, at last we can set sail upon the beard oil oceans … Er, well, more like launching our beloved website, All winter we’ve searched, found, tested, and reviewed beard oils from both near and far, to find the (according to us) best oils on the market. We are both proud and happy that it’s finally live, and we hope that it will spread both knowledge, inspiration, and joy to our readers.

Feel free to follow us if you’re interested in beard oils of all kinds. See you around!