The Bearded Man – Race Day

When you read “Race Day” on a beard oil like this, your mind goes to Monza, Silverstone, or Monaco Grand Prix of the 70s. We imagine a weathered Steve McQueen in front of us, and we can practically smell the motor oil, burnt rubber, hot petrol fumes, and beautiful women.

Oh, how wrong we were.

With expectations as high as this, perhaps it wasn’t too surprising that we were let down, but truth is that the name is just completely wrong for this scent. It smells like amaretto… and that’s one of the worst things we know. Okay, the Bearded Man Co offers more than 30 scents, so we could find another that suits our taste (or rather, smell), but they can’t fool us like this. Shame.

Bottle and packaging
A small and unimpressive transparent bottle with a boring label. It looks like they just threw some company names, product names, and other stuff to try to convince you buy it.

We feel tricked. We bought one. We won’t be buying another.