The Bearded Man – Sandalwood

After previously trying “Race Day” and being thoroughly disappointed, we decided to give The Bearded Man a second chance. The choice was Sandalwood, and unfortunately, the verdict isn’t very pleasant this time, either.

“It smells like cinnamon buns”, says one. “Nah, it smells like an entire flower shop,” says another. Sure, it sounds good to call a scent Sandalwood, but we don’t think it really matches reality. This is a forgettable scent.

Bottle and packaging
The Bearded Man insists on delivering their beard oils without a proper dropper, and it irks us to no end. Honestly, how much could a little dropper possibly cost? Come on!

They got another chance, they didn’t take it. Okay, we’ve now tried two of Bearded Man’s big selection, but it doesn’t bode well when both tests get the lowest marks. Maybe we’ll try a third, someday, but they’ll really have to get their act together. Our consensus is that there are plenty of other better and more fun alternatives than Sandalwood on the market.