Benefits of beard oil

If you’re walking around with just as much hair on the bottom of your head as the top of it, it should make perfect sense for you to already own a few bottles of beard oil. But… if you’re somehow the last one to the party as far as this is concerned, and are now looking into getting a beard oil of your own, perhaps we can starts by talking a little about the many benefits of such oils. Let’s begin with the most obvious one.

1. Your beard will become softer.
Yes, the oils make your beard soft. No shit, Sherlock. It’ll be easier to maintain and trim and shape, and to keep those more unruly hairs in check.

2. Your skin will itch less.
The beard oils moisturise even the skin underneath the beard, which makes it itch less. Just that alone is a big reason to start using an oil.

3. Your beard will smell better.
Those who don’t care for their beards and wash regularly will quickly have the experience of seeing wrinkled noses and the occasional remark that your facial hair doesn’t exactly smell like pastries. Since the selection of beard oils offers both stronger and lighter scents in all forms, it’s really only a matter of time (okay, also a matter of money) before you find a favourite of your own.

4. You’re cleaning your beard.
Ever heard of beard dandruff? A common misconception in this matter is that those aren’t little dry patches of skin in your beard. It’s actually tiny fungus. With a good oil, you’ll be keeping your beard clean, and won’t have to run around like forest.

To summarise the benefits, one could say that you really get your money’s worth (even though the bottles often look small). You look neater and cleaner, you smell better, and you’ll have better hygiene ― all for just a few hundred krona every other month. If you ask us, there’s no question ― try a real beard oil, and you won’t regret it.