10 Best Beard Balms That You Can Go For

So you have got a beautiful beard, right? It is time to get the best beard balms from the market to make it more beautiful!

Congratulations! There are not many people who can confidently tell that they have awesome beard. Now, to make sure that you have that awesome beard for a long period of time, you will need to care for it enough, right?

This article is all about that where we have reviewed the best beard balms that you can go for right now and make your beard look lovely for a real long period!

Review of 11 Best Beard Balms Out There!

This is the part of the article that you were waiting for!

In this section, we will talk about the 11 best beard balms out there that you can go for right now! We will not be talking about the balms that are currently not available in the market. We will only focus on the ones that you can buy immediately. Let’s start.

#1 Honest Amish Beard Balm & Conditioner

As you can get it from the title, this is a combination of a beard balm and a conditioner which is the perfect thing that you need for your beautiful beard. The item is made in USA so there is no complain when it comes to quality. This has been the market best seller for a long time now and there’s a reason behind that.

Again, the price is super low which is brilliant and another great feature about Amish is that it lasts long.


Made in USA with quality

Very soft coarse

One of the most successful beard balm brands of all time

Offers a deep color to your beard


You have to use it daily to get consistent results

It is a bit greasy

Honest Amish Beard Balm & Conditioner

As you can get it from the title, this is a combination of a beard balm and a conditioner which is the perfect thing that you need for your beautiful beard. The item is made in USA so there is no complain when it comes to quality. This has been the market best seller for a long time now and there’s a reason behind that.

Again, the price is super low which is brilliant and another great feature about Amish is that it lasts long.

Made in USA with quality
Very soft coarse
One of the most successful beard balm brands of all time
Offers a deep color to your beard

You have to use it daily to get consistent results
It is a bit greasy

Urban Prince Beard Balm Conditioner Premium

This 2oz unit might be the one that can completely change the way of how your beard looks. Again, we will tell you pretty much the same thing. The company BushKlawz wants you to be like a prince with an amazing beard and that’s exactly what their product does.

Itch relief and proper moisture are the main features of this one. Apart from that, the cream offers hair fall prevention and it also helps the natural growth rate of your beard which is amazing.

• Great scent
• Tames those straggly hairs
• Good price
• Consistent, you don’t need to use it every day
• Not at all thick
• Though the company market it as a beard balm, it is a lot like a beard oil
• Doesn’t soften the beard as much like others

The Gentlemen’s Beard Premium Beard Balm

If you are someone who does not like fragrance, then this can be a great option for you to go for. This scent free unit is a premium one to take care of your beard health as well as control of the rough areas. The itch protection is there but more importantly, this one will actually nurture your beard to look better.

The company focused a lot on the fact that this is a healthy option to go for and it actually is one.

• Lasts a really long period
• Good to groom beard

• Many reported that they don’t like the smell of this balm
• Some people had itch issues with this one

Beard Balm with Shea Butter & Argan Oil

This is not just simple beard balm but this is beard oil. The difference of beard balm and beard oil is not that much if you ignore the fact that one is more liquid and the other one is like jelly. The company considers this as a proper beard care product.

The fact that this is an oil type unit comes with the benefits too. You can actually use this one as a gel and design your beard however you want. That is a cool benefit to have from a product this cheap.

• Primary ingredient is shea butter & argan oil
• Very easy to style your beard with this one
• No scent
• Isn’t great as a conditioner
• A bit greasy

Beard Balm- Rocky Mountain Barber

Till now, all the products that we reviewed so far had one thing in common. Though they were good in terms of quality and the results, they were not organic. If that was a problem for you then this Beard Balm from the company Rocky Mountain Barber is going to solve that issue for you.

The balm is made of 8 different types of essential oils and the company proudly features that this is an all natural product which is amazing. The unit is premium and there is nothing to worry about the impact of this on your beard which is also critical.

• Everything is natural with this beard
• Your beard will look snazzy
• Takes care of all the scratch and itch feelings
• The smell might seem like a bit strong to some people

Beard Balm Leave in Conditioner- All Natural Beard Oil

Think about it for a second. Till now, we gave a lot of information on beard and beard balms. However, we did not really focus on another important thing which is your mustache. Mustache is important just like your beard as this is a core part of the face too.

The good news is that this balm is very applicable to both your mustache and to the beard. Actually, they all are but the fact that this company have clarified that on their description is critical.

• Completely natural, doesn’t use any chemicals
• Relieves from dry or itchy skin
• Holds beard perfectly for a very long time
• If you don’t like scents, you will not like this one

100% Natural Beard Balm Sandalwood Leave in Conditioner

Again, this is another beard balm that is made of completely natural oil and other natural substances. The fact that they used essential oil to make this one is very good as that will help your beard to grow and shape better.

Also, this is made in USA which is another positive about the product. The balm is very thick and you do not need to use a ton at one time to get the benefits.

• Very refreshing in terms of fragrance
• Subtle and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything
• Good pricing
• Pretty new in the market

Beard Balm- All Natural Easy to Use Leave in Beard Conditioner

This is the only beard balm in our list which is handmade. So if you really care for your beard and want to go for something that is not only made with natural products but also with hands then this is the one for you.
This works very well in solving itches and the dryness issue. Also, it prevents the split ends which is another common concern.

• Helps your beard to grow
• Works as a conditioner too
• Completely natural in terms of ingredients used
• If you are into smells, you might not love this one

2 in 1 Quailty White Beard Balm Oil Wax

So the reason that the company says 2 in 1 in the title of this product is because of the fact that they also offer you a free eBook that is a beard care guide. We read the eBook and it is not a bad one (though nothing to excited about either).

However, the product itself is very good and good enough to ignore the eBook and go for the product itself. The fast melting option is there too which is a great help.

• Very light in terms of weight
• Shines your beard
• Comes with interesting extras such as a beard care eBook
• If you have allergies, you should not use this one
• Doesn’t work great for white beard

Wild Willie’s Beard Balm- Leave in Conditioner Beard Butter

This is a different one from the lot. The unit actually is made by using 13 different local substances and the result is pretty amazing. This is also one of the most popular beard balms ever and there is no way that we can ignore that many happy customers.

The product is made in Georgia and the 13 organic substances are not disclosed. The company also offers you a money back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied which is a rear case.

• It uses 13 different local substances to prepare the balm, the unit is not only natural but also diverse
• Made in Georgia, USA
• Takes care of dandruff perfectly
• Cool mint scent
• The smell is very mild

So, Why Use Beard Balm?

It is important that you understand the reasoning behind before actually going ahead and using the product. There is a saying that nothing is better than being a knowledgeable consumer. So if you want to be one, you have to understand the reasons behind using beard balm.

Beard balm is a simple substance which are used on beards primarily for three big reasons. It is pretty much the same like how you care your hair. Beard is another type of hair and it needs proper care too.

The three big reasons that why most people use beard balm are
1. To soften your beard
2. to make your beard look shiny and healthy and most importantly
3. to get rid of beardruff

Yes, beardruff is a thing which needs attention.

Also obviously, when you apply beard balm on your beard, you can use that as a hair gel and can modify the design of your beard a bit though we do not think there is much to do with the help of a gel when it is a beard.

If your beard is not shiny, there is a good chance that the beard will look dull from even close distance. There are different angles to look at things here. If your beard is not shiny enough, there will be assumptions that your beard is not clean which is never pleasant. This is a weird experience because you yourself will know that there is nothing wrong with the beard but it will appear to be so.

On the other hand, sometimes your beard will actually have dust in it and one good way to get rid of it is with the help of beard balms. You have to think of everything in the most organic possible way.

Think of your beard as an element of your body that needs constant care. Human beings take care of their skin with different moisturizers and lotions. The same people take care of their hair with shampoo, conditioner and other elements. Now if beard is also another part of your body, it also needs enough care and you will have to do everything to make that happen. It is not an easy task but products like beard balm makes things a bit easier for you to handle.

That’s why articles like these pop up, right?

If you have beard, you definitely know that it is not easy to keep a proper beard. Things can get itchy at times and that can actually create skin issues too which we do not want. Also, there is no point in keeping beard if your beard does not look good. This is why it is important to have beard balms!

what is Beard Balm Made of?

If you are wondering on how beard balms are made, it is pretty easy. Most beard balms out there in the world are made of four different elements. They are:

  • Carrier oil
  • Essential oil
  • Butter
  • Beeswax

Obviously, not all the materials are used on all types of beard balms but they are the primary ones used in almost all the ones. You will not find any beard balm which is sold commercially that did not use any of these four elements.

Among the four, the beeswax one is the costliest one and the essential oil or the cocoa butter one is also considered as a healthy option.

Another question that almost everyone have in mind is that whether it is a good idea to make beard balm at home rather than just buying them from somewhere! It is a good question but there are a lot of aspects when we think about this. If you are someone who doesn’t work and has plenty of time to experiment and collect all the ingredients required to prepare beard balms, then the answer is probably yes! You can go ahead and make them on your own as it is not that difficult to prepare them.

On the other hand, a working man or even a young kid who has beard does not really get enough time to go and prepare his own balm type. This is more like a DYI project that you might try one time but if you really think about saving time then the best option would be buying them in bulk. It is not like they are super costly so that is not a problem either.

Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm

Many men get confused between the beard balm and beard oil. After all, what should you choose to go for when you have two fine options out there? 

You have to understand that beard balm is basically the older generation of beard oil. Bread oils have less ingredients in them and they are mostly for lighter use only. On the other hand, beard balm will give you a complete experience.

So the idea is simple. If you need something light and comfortable which will not feel like that you have applied anything on your beard, you should go for the beard oil. Especially, if you want to go for something that does not have any scent, beard oil is a good option though there are scent less beard balms too.

On the other hand, if you want to go for a complete and immediate solution, beard balm is going to do that trick for you. Beard balm always performs quicker and more efficiently than beard oil. Beard oil is more of a precaution where beard balm is used to make things right again for your beard.

Understanding Beardruff!

In case if you are not familiar with the term beardruff, it stands for beard dandruff and it is a ‘thing’. Most men do not really care about beard dandruff because most men do not notice them. If you don’t know about something, chances are very less that you will face that experience. We see hair dandruff because we are constantly looking for it. However, beard dandruff is not the same and thus, it often gets unnoticed.

Let’s try to figure out what causes the dandruff. They say that if you know about the reasons behind something, you will be able to figure out a solution. The first thing that you need to understand is that beard dandruff and hair dandruff are completely different. Hair dandruff can be a long term thing as they get fed from the scalp of our head and thus, they grow. Beard dandruff is a completely different type.

Beard Dandruff is also known as BRDP and the main reason behind the existence of beard dandruff is overuse of facial cleaning elements. Also, it can occur if you are not using enough moisturizers for your beard and skin. This might sound weird but that’s exactly what it is. The top two reasons of growing BRDP is either not using enough moisturizers or using the wrong cleansers.

The good news is that it is very less likely that beard dandruff will give you a very hard time. It should not and it will not probably, either.

So let’s try to dig deep into the science of things. When you are not going for clean shaves and trimming your beard, you are leaving old beards in your face. If you are not letting any of your beard grow too far, this is not going to be a huge problem but if your beard is huge, old beard will create a bit of problem.

As beards grow old, they start to become dense and wooly. As this old wooly beard gets connected to the skin, the skin starts to become more prone to diseases like dandruff.

Now, the easiest method to get rid of beard dandruff is to do two things. Simply start using a good quality beard balm regularly and try to comb your beard everyday along with washing it when you are taking shower. That should do the trick for most people unless you have very problematic beard.

How to Take Care Of Beard Naturally

Going for the beard balm and beard oil are not the only things that you can do to make sure that you have a healthy beard for a long period of time. There are other things too. One of the most important ones is taking care of your eating habit.

Always remember that the eating habit has a lot to do with the way your skin and hair reacts. When you want to make sure that you have a good beard, there are three things that you need to eat on a constant basis.

They are:
• Proper protein
• Enough iron
• Omega 3 Fats

Now, the best way to make sure that you have all three elements with your food is to be active about choosing the food type. Protein is not something that you need to worry about for most cases as you will get enough protein with almost everything that you eat regularly as dairy products, meat or even white elements such as rice.

To make sure that you get enough iron and omega 3 acid, the best product that you can go towards is the vegetables. Vegetables like spinach, peas, broccoli will have more than enough elements that you need to make sure that your beard is healthy for a long period of time.

Apart from eating, there are also other things that you can do to make things alright. Exercise is one of them. Exercise will always work on your favor. Also, try to keep your stress level down to have a healthy body.

Before we end this review, we would love to answer another common question from the beard fellows! Many people ask that how do they apply the balm on their beard? It is a very easy process and there is nothing much to talk about this either. But as this is a common question, we would love to address it too! After all, why not, right?

Take the beard balm tin on your weak hand. That should be the first task. Now, use the thumb of your strong hand and put out only a bit of the balm on your finger. This is the second step and then scoop out that balm on the middle of your hand.

The rest is exactly like how you apply lotion or conditioner. Simply rub your hands and then apply the balm on your beard using both the hands. Make sure that your hands are reaching towards the starting point of your beard. That’s very important if you want to cure things like dandruff or beard fall out.

How much do I use?
The amount of beard balm product required for each use is not an exact science. It is purely a function of the length and thickness of your beard. While the absolute quantity can be obtained through the process of trial and error, a good thumb is always a dime-sized puddle.
A better way of seeing this is just to imagine it as a hair gel made exclusively for your beard. The primary mission is to train your beard always appear looking excellent all round the clock.

But when is ideal to use it?
Smart question and I have a lot of respect for it too. Beard Balm is unique at making your beard smell, feel and look spectacular. Beard gives your beard longer lasting control due to the addition of natural butter. For a flawless regime, here are some suggested instances when application it at its best.
• For any occasion that you’ve got a particular style in mind, not offered by your follicle, I highly recommend you pull out your beard balm and put them right on.
• For tone-down looks, beard balm in such occasions will give more mantle appearance and provide less sheen.
• For overall health and daily maintenance, beard oil is equivalent of an apple a day.
• For sporting activities or lets, you go out hunting with friends within a mile of a forest or more; beard balm will be an absolute necessity for successful styling.
I strongly advise men in during the early stages of beard growth let’s say within the first and third month to make do with a beard oil rather than a beard balm. This is large because the oil is much lighter and works much better at softening shorter beard or stubble. Application of it regularly each morning with a perfect trim and combing is just enough to get you started. During this period a beard wash could as well be introduced. But this is highly very optional.

So when exactly do we start making use of the beard balm? Well, here you have it since beard balm contains shea butter and wax along with carrier and essential oil; it is highly suggested using it when your beard reaches at least 1.5 inches in length. At this point, your beard starts becoming very dense and as well need the help of the wax in the in the balm to control any pull off of the hair. More beards are required for these ingredients earlier mentioned to work best. The beard balm contains denser elements so recommended to be used hand in hand with a coarse and thick beard. While the oil is, of course, lighter and can be utilized more lavishly as your confidence grows in the product.

So how do I get Great Beard Balm?
In a digital age which has brought the inception of online marketing, shopping online is one of the most likely sources of beard balm. Amazon is one quick, reliable stop shop to start from which provides deeper selection and comparing between vendors is possible. You could as well find beard balm offline as well in a one off barber shop, weekend craft show or even art market.

Can I use beard balm and oil together?
The honest answer is, yes. However, one salient point that goes through my mind whenever faced with instances like this is “trial and error”. Each and every beard is different and needs a particular kind of routine treatment designed to suit your personal grooming needs. However, there are possible suggestions on how best both a beard balm and a beard oil can both be used together to achieve that classy style look of a perfect gentleman.
• After each day’s shower, application of a small amount of beard oil working primarily to the root. Then a little amount of beard balm can be introduced to the outside of your beard, serving as a light wax to give the desired hold.
• One could be use in the morning and the other at night; or rather yet interchangeably. This is simply down to personal choice, but are purely down to beard that is already dense thick, coarse and troublesome, along with due consideration with the kind of aftershave in use.
• Either you apply on alternate days, or better still just stick with your favorite routine.
• Brush and or comb for maximum styling and fullness. Highly recommend you brush first to ensure an even and perfect spread of the balm/oil throughout your beard and a quick follow up with combing as the final signature move.
• A healthy practice of this routine helps beard looking as convincing as your dream ideal man.

Now that you know everything, it is time to go ahead and finish that purchase process. Simply buy the one that you think will suit your needs the most. Do not buy a big sized unit as of now as this is just the testing phase. If you are a regular buyer then you already know which brand to go for but for first timers, understanding your brand is vital. Therefore, go for a small piece and test that out. You will surely be able to get a good beard very soon!