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If you’re pretty much wondering why you need a beard brush, then I think I understand why. I mean, a lot of people just think that growing a beard is a natural thing and maintaining it is not such a big deal. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but if you’ve got a beard, you need to start considering it an equally sensitive part of your body and looks. Yes, because, there are only two ways your beard and look and make you look, handsomely irresistible or ugly and unkempt. No offense but as a bearded man, your responsibilities transcends even onto your beards. You have to take responsibility for it. In taking care of the beard, you’ll need a brush or a comb and a host of some other things, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be talking basically about the brushes that suit the purpose the most. I mean, the best beard brushes you might consider using in this year 2017 because, with the new trend of the beards, a lot of cheaply produced beard brushes have been released into the market and it has become difficult to decipher which ones are great and which ones are poorly produced and hence this guide.


Things You Should Consider In Making a Purchase

The purpose

For some bearded men, they experience a lot of dryness of their skin around the beard area because the beard has sucked up the oil meant for that skin area and it’s now causing excessive dryness and breaking of the skin. For an issue like this, you’ll have to get yourself a beard cream or balm to sooth the skin reactions, most times such accessories come with the beard brush while the others come on their own. If you’re going to be buying a beard brush, then you have to decide, if you have skin reactions and would need a beard brush with balm or you would need a regular beard brush. It just depends on what you need.


Bristle Material or Fibre

Just like everything else in the world, brushes are made from different fibers buy the most common ones are:

l Boarse hair

l Horse hair

l Synthetic material


These three materials are the most popular materials from which beard brushes are made. And we’ll be explaining them exclusively so you can know which of these are best for you.


For boar fiber, it is considered the best for brushes because it can retain oil in its hairs. And that’s not just it; many hair products are also made from the boar parts. This is its ability to retain oils in it ensures that every inch of your beard is reached with the oil and also, you’ll also have the oils reach your skin whenever you use the brush. This way, your beards look great, and your skin is equally moist and experiences no breakage, and this is the reason why a lot of men go for boar hair products.


On the other hand, horsehair has been in the market even during the times of the First World War. The reason for its disappearance was owed to the breakout of anthrax at the time which killed people faster than the war did, but it’s slowly coming back into the market and its products are also getting great responses as well. So, like the boar made brushes, the horse hair brush will hold on to a little oil before spreading all over your beard follicles. However, the horse hair brush is not as rigid as the boar hair brush, and so this brush is better for men with thin and not so full beards. So if you belong to the long and thick beard gang, this brush is not for you.


And there are the synthetic bristles for beard brushes. These brushes are made from plastic or wooden materials. Their bristles are usually nubbed at the ends, and they do not give nearly enough effect as the boar or horse hair brushes, and that’s why none of such brushes will be reviewed in this article.


That’s one reason and the second reason is that with all the good qualities that the horse hair brush and boar hair brush promises, the synthetic brush has had almost no chance to be noticed in the market and recommending such would only send you back to the beginning of your search for a good brush.


In addition to what’s been said about the different qualities of each brush fiber, irrespective of their nature it’s important that you do not purchase a brush which its bristles are all of the same lengths. The reason is that a brush with offset bristles will ensure that the oils on it, reach every part and angle of your beard and skin. Every stroke of your brush is supposed to groom your beards all the way to your skin beneath it, and when the bristles are of the same length, this is quite unachievable.


Secondly, for obvious sanitary reasons, you should clean your brush as regularly as possible. It is not a very good habit to use your brush continuously without cleaning out the bristles once in awhile. It is an unhygienic behavior, and it will reduce the quality and performance of the brush regardless of whichever one you’re using. Another reason why you should clean out the bristles of your brush is that you’ll reduce the risks of your beard being tangled and also lead to breakage. And I’m most certain you do not want that so cultivate a hygienic and healthy routine to your beards.



Just because you have a quality brush, doesn’t mean that you get to use it all the time. Ideally, you shouldn’t overuse it and don’t over brush your beard. Time reason is that over brushing is very likely going to stress your beard root, weaken it and ultimately break it off and cause further hair loss from the beard.


You should brush your beard in the mornings and maybe when you want to go out on some evenings – only a few times a week. Not every day, and certainly not more than twice a day.


Differences between a Brush and a Comb

Beards are the latest trend for men these days, but they also come with their share of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes knowing the difference between a beard brush and a beard comb.


The difference between a beard comb and a beard brush is pretty simple, but people are mostly ignorant about it because if they knew, there would be no confusing it as their differences are clearly cut.


Beard Combs are used for styling the beard a feat that’s unachievable by the beard comb. There are a lot of beard combs in the market today, and so it’s essential that you know the difference and the use of what you’re buying. A beard comb is used for styling your beards, with that said you know that it’ll involve a lot of beeswax and beard balm. So you need to make sure that you have a comb that will do the job.


Secondly, a beard comb can be used to train your beard into the right direction. Some men have their mustache coiling into their mouth when they eat, but a mustache comb will help to put it in the right direction.


Now for beard brushes, they’re quite the opposite of a beard comb. They can’t be used for styling your beards. However, the use of a brush gives you a much fuller beard, and though this look is usually awesome, it’ll only be applicable for men with a lot of beards.


Another difference is that, while a comb is precise, the brush simply doesn’t have enough control and do styling is not possible.


Although the beard comb is awesome at styling, it’s not as a hood when it comes to training hair follicles. Meanwhile, the brush can train your hair follicles better.


Selecting a comb or brush is purely your choice and decision, and this cannot be made by anyone else. You’ll simply have to pick the one that suits you best.


Other things you might want to consider include:

Fit- to- hand: first things first, truth be told you’ll have to make sure that your hand fits perfectly. That you can handle the brush, and it can be used in small areas like your mustache.


Brush Performance: Being that, the reason why most men groom their beards, have a lot to do with their looks, and those looks need to be maintained. Now if you’re going to be buying a beard brush, one other thing you should be looking to see is the look the brush gives you after its use on your beard. Take this pretty seriously as this is your look.


Others Opinion: It’s not like you shouldn’t trust your sense of style, judgment or anything like that, but you also need to know what other people think about the product, so we’re sure we making the right choices. To do this, all you have to do is check some online markets, pick a brand and read the reviews about the products underneath the brand. You will get all the information you need, including the price and the quality of the brush.


Bristle Quality: This is the last criteria but certainly not the least. You’ll need to know if the bristles of the brush will be falling out when you use them after a week or if they’re are gonna last a long time. There are different types of bristles, made from different products. If you are a lover of animals, you might want to go for the synthetic beard brush and if your beards aren’t thick and strong, go for something that matches. So, at the end of the day, it is all about what you want your bread to look like.


How to Use a Beard Brush

Decide Its Purpose

The truth is that, when the purpose of a thing isn’t known, it’s almost impossible not to abuse it. Before buying a beard brush, you should know what to use it for. The reason is that, in knowing its purpose, you know how to use it, and how to maintain it. For instance, you can’t put a regular size beard brush in your bag for a trip, when you can just buy a traveler brush.


Now when you know this, you should also determine how many times you brush your beard, how many times you have to go out and come back in. Just buy a brush based on your habits and routine.


Do not use on wet beard

Now it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get the dirt off your beard, but if that’s the case regardless, do not use the beard brush on wet hair. Wait for the hair to dry out, and then you can brush the beard.


Wetness on the brush can make the bristles stronger than expected, and this could be detrimental to the skin. Secondly, if it’s a wooden handle brush, it could begin to cause some cracks and reduce the durability of the brush.


Beard Conditioning

Beard conditioning is simply the application of a beard oil or balm to the beard, to make it softer, shiny, and reduce possible skin reaction from dryness. This procedure is important as it will allow the skin beneath your beards is as healthy as possible, and that, in turn, will prevent hair breakage.


This is a very easy process, and this is all you have to do.

l Apply the beard oil or balm of the beard and face, and then massage it onto the beard and the skin beneath the beard to make sure bit reaches every spot.

l Rush from the neck upwards to make sure it gets to other parts of the face and beard.

l Brush the side beard, really carefully, and around the jaw so you can get the balm or oil onto every spot.

l Brush the beard into the style that you want.


Beard Waxing

A beard wax is a substance made from beeswax, Shea butter and sometimes coconut oil that is used in styling the beard into shape. The use of the beard wax makes the beard a little stiff and will ensure that it doesn’t get easily roughened. The act of applying the beard wax on the beard is called beard waxing.


The thing with bears waxing is that wax is usually stronger than balm or oil and so would naturally cause some stiffness effect. However following these simple steps will help you use the brush properly.


l Take a bit of the beard wax; rub it together with your palms till it’s almost melting

l Rub it gently on the bear and try to spread it as fast as possible as beard wax dries fast.

l Use the brush to style to the desired perfection.


Even though the beard wax gives a stiffness effect on the beard, it also makes the beard soft after the wax has been removed.


How to Clean a Bear Brush

As I earlier stated, growing a beard has its responsibilities. Another one of these responsibilities includes its cleaning. Failure to clean your beard brush could cause a whole lot of damages it, to your skin and your beard. So this is the work part when you can clean out your brush as frequently as possible, you can enjoy the beard more.


You have to learn to imbibe the cleaning habit and make it a routine. It could be daily or weekly or however you plan to do it, but it should become a part of you.


Since most beard brushes have wooden or bamboo handles, it would be best if you knew how to clean them without causing damage. The following steps would be useful to you.

l Use the dry cleaning method to clean all wooden parts of the brush.

l Use a smaller comb, to pick out the dirt found on the brush.

l Use coconut oil to treat the hairs on the brush, and make it softer for removal.



First of all, you need to know that, beards are not hereditary. So, if you’re growing them, you’re one lucky man, and if not, you can grow beards. Once the beards begin to grow, the responsibility of maintaining them becomes part of your daily routine and tools like beard brushes are going to be needed.


As a bearded man, you’ll be faced with the challenge of maintaining your beard and making it look really good but, with this short guide, we hope that you’d have found an easy way to it, most especially as it concerns which brush to use. Finding the best so far can be quite problematic if you don’t know what you should look out for most especially if you’re new to this. However this guide will help you, and it’ll also make you want to research more and gather more information as regards this topic.