Beard comb

There are several beard grooming products and tools, some of which can provide you with a manageable beard. However, choosing the right beard comb to keep your facial hair neat and tidy is crucial for a well-groomed beard.


Maintaining your beard takes a lot of effort, however, a nicely groomed beard or mustache not only makes you neat and manly, but also an envy of men who struggle to have groom their beard. To achieve this task, you will need a beard comb.


Beard combs make grooming simple and easy. They usually have wide teeth for clearing out knots and detangling. Beard combs also have fine-toothed variants which is great for handling fine hairs or shorter beards.


There is a variety of beard combs, made from different materials. The most recent options for beard comb materials include either wood, metal, plastic or synthetic composite and your choice basically depends on your preference. Getting a beard comb is essential especially if you have found that a beard brush doesn’t really do what your mustache needs.


Beard combs come in different shapes, sizes and vary in price too. You may want to think; why don’t I just use my other hair comb? Or why do I need a separate beard comb? The thing is, the hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your head, and most times it is tougher. As an essential beard grooming tip, you should ensure that you use the right products for your facial hair for the best results.


The Difference between a Regular Hair Comb and a Beard Comb

Regular hair combs are designed to comb the hair on your head which is a lot softer than beard hair.

Hair combs are usually made of plastic material. Because they are not sturdy enough, the teeth are likely to break which may cause damage to your facial hair.


Beard comb teeth are usually widely spaced to make their way through coarse beards, this is not the case in regular hair combs and as such would make grooming a painful chore.


Finally, choosing the best beard comb for your needs boils down to choosing the perfect comb for the length and thickness of your beard. For instance, softer beards will be nicely groomed with combs whose teeth are fairly closed together. Thicker or coarser beards on the other hand will require a comb with wider spacing between the teeth.



What Makes an Ideal Beard Comb?

Material: There are several materials in use for beard comb production. First of all, plastic is a poor comb material, and metals isn’t excellent either. Although metals are tough and come in different teeth width, they cannot be smoothed and polished like other materials such as wood. Pool metal combs tend to have the same damaging edges as plastic and as such can ruin a healthy facial hair. Wood and synthetic acetate, on the other hand, make the best beard combs available today. Wood, for instance, is inexpensive and can be handmade. Such combs can have varied teeth width but however, are not usually waterproof. Acetate material is water proof, plastic-like and an ideal beard comb material. In addition, it has all the benefits of wood comb, also durable and very easy to maintain.


Teeth Width: The next thing to look out for in your beard comb is the teeth width. Having already established that beard comb have wider teeth width which allows you to glide through your coarse beard or mustache, your ideal width depends on your facial hair. This is because, different beard types will require different teeth spacing. For instance, if you keep snagging your comb in your beard every time you run in through, then you may need a comb with wider spaced teeth.


Design: They are basically either stamp presses or handmade combs. For beard combs, handmade is your ideal option. The reason for this will be discussed in the later section of this article.


A Guide to Proper Beard Maintenance

Proper beard maintenance involves several steps. Apart from having a good washing and conditioning regime, combing your beard is vital for all men who care about the appearance of their facial hair. Combing your beard daily provides a lot of benefits that will make your beard look and feel really nice. Some of the benefits includes stimulating your beard follicles while making it appear healthy and well maintained.


The type of beard comb you eventually go for can have a great impact on the health of your beard follicles. One of the reasons why your regular hair comb is not an option, especially if you want to groom a healthy beard.


Why you should NOT use a Cheap/Regular comb

Going for overly cheap combs to justify having a separate beard comb wouldn’t do the trick either. Most times, cheap and poorly made combs can literally tear your beards apart and ultimately make your beard look unkempt. Here’s why; a lot of cheap combs are usually stamped out of a mold, leaving tons of tiny jagged edges along the teeth of the comb. What this means for your beard is that the follicles will be gradually torn apart, making them prone to breakage and split ends. It doesn’t end there! Split ends will increase the occurrence of tangling which unfortunately, can only be resolved by cutting off the tip of your beards.


While it is imperative that you trim your beards periodically, frequent split ends will only result in trimming more regularly, which could have been avoided with a proper beard comb. On this note, choosing the right beard comb is very critical because it is an essential part of your grooming toolkit.


Lastly, with cheap plastic combs, you cannot properly style your beards. In a nutshell, the benefits you get from using a cheap comb will be negative, especially when compared with a comb of higher quality. Not to mention that cheap plastic combs are flimsy and tend to break their teeth. There are several downsides to combing your facial hair with a comb with broken teeth. Bottom line is that, it makes matters worse.


Maintenance or Over Maintenance?

Truth be told, over maintenance can be damaging to your beard. As a tip for proper beard grooming; do not over-maintain your facial hair.


Excessive maintenance may occur when you use unusually large amounts of grooming products such as oil, balm or wax. The truth is, when you do over use these products, you will be wasting your hard earned money! So yo may want to rethink your beard grooming routine. For conditioning products, it is essential that you use very little, as a matter of fact, drops! That is depending on the length and thickness of your beard.


You do not necessarily have to use your beard oil or balm every day, once every couple of days or every other day is enough to maintain healthy beards. Note that even if you have the best beard comb in the world, you can wear out the roots of your facial hair with pulling when you use it excessively. When this happens, your follicle can fall out or the shaft of your beard will be damaged. As a typical maintenance tip, do not comb your beard more than two to three times daily.



How the Beard Comb Differs From Beard Brush

Both beard combs and brushes essentially achieve the same goal of keeping your beards looking maintained. As mentioned earlier, your facial hair is thicker, denser and coarser than the hair on your head. On this note, it needs to be cared for a bit differently and requires a different maintenance tool.


They are glaring differences between beard combs and brushes. Looking at the design, a high-quality beard comb is sturdy, has wider teeth and made of either synthetic material, wood or metal. A beard brush, on the other hand, is composed of boar’s hair.


While combs have the best styling abilities, beard brushes will make your beards appear natural and much fuller. A good quality beard comb will give you full control on the appearance of your beard for the entire day. For best styling results, you can pair your comb with an efficient beard balm.


Beard brushes are also used for proper application of beard grooming products such as oils and balms. Since boar’s hair is a natural fiber, it can easily soak up oils which will allow for even distribution of oil through the length of your hair follicle. The boar hair bristles are usually uneven in length, this enhances application as it can get right at the root of your hair.



Should you Comb or Brush your Beards?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to comb or brush your beards.

Although this rules doesn’t apply to every guy but generally, combs are used for styling and brushes are great for achieving a fuller and more natural look. Bottom line is that it depends on your style or grooming goals.


For instance, if your goal is to train your facial hair to grow in the direction that you want, or probably want to get your mustache out of your mouth, it is best to start out with a high quality beard brush.


Keep in mind however, that both brush and comb can be used simultaneously on the same beards. So like mentioned earlier, it depends on individual preference. For instance, some beardsmen use brush to distribute oil through the beard and use a comb to style and shape the beards. That procedure is highly recommended and as a matter of fact, both tools are essential for proper grooming.


No two beards are the same, you are definitely going to find out what works best for you and what doesn’t. However, grooming tools are a relatively small investment and you may end up using both comb and brush in your daily routine.


Stamp Cut Vs. Hand Cut

As mentioned earlier, you should stay clear from stamp-cut or cheap drug store combs if you want a healthy and well-groomed beard. They are probably the worst thing you can do to your beards, especially if you do not condition them regularly.

The best beard combs are hand-cut and have every single teeth hand polished. This process goes a long way to reduce damage to your facial hair and as such is the best way to maintain and properly groom your beards in the long run.



Choosing the right beard comb for your facial hair may not be easy but you can use the following tips to make your ideal pick. You should look out for the feel of the comb in your hands, its styling ability, reviews and the overall value of the comb. On this note, we are recommending three excellent beard combs you may want to get your hands on.


l Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb by EQLEF: Portable beard comb that offers two distinct teeth width for better grooming. It is a very affordable wooden comb.

l Pocket Size Buffalo Horn Beard Comb: Made from both buffalo horn and sandalwood, this comb has great styling ability and is highly recommended for your beards.

l Leven Rose Beard Comb: Wide teeth comb, ideal for men with thick beards. It is pocket sized and great for styling too. However, this comb is not ideal for short beards.


Final words

Combing your beards is an excellent way to help distribute your beard grooming products such as balms and oils throughout your beard, providing full coverage without leaving any excesses behind. It can clear dust or debris that may have been caught in your beard, thus, making it appear neat and clean in addition to styling it appropriately. In addition, using a beard comb can also prevent ingrown hairs from forming and generally improves maintenance.


A beard comb is a grooming necessity and as such should be a part of every beard grooming toolkit. When you get the right beard comb for your facial hair, it is also pertinent that you comb your beards properly or correctly. Combing your beard the right way is important for reaping the benefits of using a beard comb. Combing usually follows oil and balm application and must be done from the bottom outwards.