Beard dye


It mostly comes as a challenge for a man to grow his beard because he does not know what to expect until it is finally grown up. There are common cases in which your facial hair appears to be thicker in some areas, in varying length and different colors.


The difference in color between the hair on your beard and the hair on your head can make you look older than your real age as the former is usually a lighter color than the latter. This uneven blend has made most men to use beard dye in making the hair on their head, and their facial hair has a universal look.


Some things should be considered before choosing the right beard dye for you, but men who consider beard coloring are always faced with more questions when choosing the right product and in the application of the dye.


The best beard dye delivers that sophisticated look

The use of hair dye is most appropriate when used on your beard in covering up your gray hairs. Most people have to accept their gray or white facial hair, but with heard dyes, you are giving the opportunity to restore your gray facial hairs to how it used to be when you were still younger. You should make sure that the color of the dye and that of your natural beard are of the same color.


For that regenerated self and sophisticated look, you can purchase the full beard dyeing kit, but this is not always necessary. Just a regular hair dye can do the magic. You will always get a perfect match for your color if you get your dye from the women session as there are lots of different shades


For men that have light facial hair, they can also benefit from beard dyes by tinting their facial hair to become darker. This is also very useful when your beard and head hair has completely different colors. A darker color, when added to your facial hair, helps it to appear thicker and fuller especially when your hair resembles that of a teenager’s first sprout instead of a forest hair of a grown man


Anyways, always make sure that your dyeing is not in excess, so it doesn’t look too dark. When it goes too dark, it becomes obvious that your beard is dyed. In most cases, the black is not a good option no matter how dark your head hair appears to be. A warm brown dye can make your look much more flattering. When you take all of this into consideration, you are probably a step closer to that sophisticated look.


How to choose the right coloring for your hair

In the market, there is a wide variety of beard coloring that you can always choose from but it important you have an idea about a few of them so that you will be able to different properly.


They are not all completely permanent, and this simply means that are very likely to wash out after several times of using shampoo in the shower. Beard dyes always come in black, white, gray, red and several other colors, so you always have something to match your head hair.


Simply rinsing the beard can extend the life of the beard coloring. These beard dyes are preferred to permanent dyes that you can get from the salon as the former when applied will eventually grow out. Applying the permanent hair dye requires the man to always hit the salon to treat the root. This takes more effort than purchasing a beard dye.


When it comes to giving your hair that elegant gentlemanly look, one thing you might need to consider is that the hair on your scalp and the hair on your face are totally different. When you take your fingers through your beards, you will immediately notice that it is rougher, drier and coarser than the hair on your head.


This difference in hair texture makes the facial hairs difficult to accept beard dye, and because of this, most men make it worse by applying too much dye. This makes the dye stand out like a sore thumb as it becomes too dark


It is better to use a dark brown color because it is the way to darken your beard without it getting so obvious. The warm tone of the brown dye flatters the face and matches the head hair more easily


Preparing for the first application

Most beard dye products that you see in local store are very likely to include chemicals that might be irritating to the skin on your face. Before applying the dye to your beard, try and do a simple patch test.


Place a little amount of the dye on your arm. To see if it reacts, you will have to wait for 2 days. If after these two days and your skin starts itching or turns red, you should probably use a more hypoallergenic beard dye. But if your skin doesn’t react, then you can continue. Note that you shouldn’t apply a conditioner or shampoo the night before you dye your beard


Often, the residue of those product blocks the rate of color absorption which leaves the beard looking patchy. Also, you should place a light layer of Vaseline on your neck and cheeks to protect you against staining. Please note that it is always advisable to wear rubber gloves, so your hands are protected from the dye


Applying for the first time

Of course, you can use a toothbrush if the dyeing kit you purchased is without an application brush. The toothbrush is as effective as the beard dyeing kit as it applies the dye to just your facial hair and not on your skin.


Immediately you apply the dye; you need to take note of the color in making sure that it is exactly the color you need. The needed color should be the color that matches the hair on the scalp except if you choose otherwise.


If you want something light, all you need is apply and remove as directed by the instructions. The beard dye is then reapplied, however applying it a second time seem to be usually faster. For a darker dye, you can simply check the dye’s color in a small space to verify the color option, and you can do this by using a damp paper towel.


As soon as you confirm the color and you are satisfied with it, you are then required to thoroughly rinse the beard until the water you use for rinsing becomes clear. If the final color looks slightly darker than what you want, you can give it a couple of washes, so it quickly fades, perfectly blending with your facial hair color.


How to maintain

In general, guys fall within two categories when using the beard dye. Sometime they hate while other times, they love it. To some, youth is restored, and fresh confidence boost is handed to over to them, but this isn’t the case always as other may have the opposite experience.


The latter case is because they feel unnatural after application and this could be due to use wrong product or a wrong color option or probably was allergic to the beard dye after it was applied.


Now that it looks great on you, what is next? Do you love the application right? Then you are expected to continually apply the beard dye with the interval of a couple of weeks to ensure that your youthful look isn’t taken away from you


Beards are very fast when they grow, and this is why you need to ensure that you are at the top of your game when it comes to coloring it. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the color of your beard is retained for a long time. This can be achieved only when you use the right shampoo type.


Note that you shouldn’t use a bar soap in washing your beard when in the shower. However, you can use shampoo that is helpful to a hair that has been dyed to retain its natural color. Along the line, this can turn out to be great, but if you use shampoo you can opt for beard oil.


But why do I need beard oil? Beard oil delivers nourishment to the skin that your beards grow upon and also to its follicles. You need this oil when you are dyeing your hair or not, but you should be sure to get the best beard oil.


Having your beard back

You shouldn’t worry about if you will ever have your beards back without the whole coloring that has been applied to it. This application is just temporary as in a matter of weeks; it gradually washes away even when you apply zero effort in trying to get it out. When it is washed away it is replaced by new beard growth


On the hand, if you hate the entire coloring, you always have the option to shave it off completely but this is usually a difficult one with most guys. Your love for your beard might not allow you to path ways with all of it


If you find yourself in the kind of situation, you should worry. The best way to remove beard dye is by getting product that has been produced for this purpose. This product can get rid of the beard coloring with just one application


Some home and locally made remedies may also be available to you for the removal of these dyes. They are cheap and might not even cost anything close to the products that have been specifically manufactured for this situation.


When it comes to dyeing, what are the common questions that are asked by men?


Can I use hair coloring instead of beard dye on my head?

They are two different applications that may not necessarily take the place of one of the other. The coloring that applies specifically for beards is not the same as that for head hair. To deliver the same desired effect, your facial hair will require a different set of chemicals and dyes as it is much coarser than head hair.


What can I do to lighten up my beard because it is too dark?

Your beard can be colored and yet a shade or two lighter. One way you can achieve this-this coloring without compromising the whole application is by getting into the shower and then scrubbing it with washcloth and bar soap.


However, if you don’t like the look anymore and you want to completely remove the whole coloring, we have provided the details above in the maintenance session after coloring. Before you apply any hair dye it is necessary you undergo an allergy test


It is necessary to perform an allergy test before doing any coloring. This allergy test is done on the dye, and it is expected to be about 48 hours before the actual application. This is carried out to ensure that your skin has no sort of adverse effect if the dye is finally. Some of these allergies include: burning, itching, swelling or redness. It is also important to note that the best area to undergo this test should be on your elbow or behind your ear.



Final tips for the perfect application

When you apply the beard dye and your skin begins to itch or gets red be it when you just started or at the professional level, you are advised to immediately wash the dye away. After you might have washed the dye away and still want that look that you so desire, go then and get a gentler product that would be mild on your skin. However, if it feels okay and gentle on you, go ahead and give your beard that deserving coloring.


One other thing you need to pay attention to is how you apply these dyes. You may need to brush your beard lightly and gently and then ensure you make contact with the skin at the base as light as possible. This is because the whole point of applying these dyes is to color your beard and not your face. You may have to apply your desired beard dye several times before you get that desired look but you don’t have to stress yourself over it in your first application. Well, no one will take this up against you when they realize you just got started


The best and final advice on how to achieve the best look is to make use of a clarifying shampoo to reduce the coloring just in case you discover you have gone so deep in application. You will want to use this shampoo to retain that natural look. If you follow the entire tip we have given added to purchasing the right dye for you, you are very likely to get your beard on the perfect track.


How should a beard dye be applied and what are the possible side effects of this product?

Provision has been made to know of any allergies before you finally make any application of this dye. Just before now, we discussed on patch test which is done to verify for any adverse effect. You should also adhere properly to the package instructions of the product to ensure that you don’t have a negative effect. For more direction, you should meet a physician.



I know that by now you have come to discover about beard dyeing which you might not have been aware of. It start from preparing for the actual application, through picking the right color for you and then to the actual application of the beard dye like a professional. You are most likely not to meet your expectation but do not panic because you will only get better and better in subsequent applications.


Maintaining your beard dye may have seem to be demanding but with this complete guide, dyeing your beard as well as keeping it in the perfect condition can now come easy. You no longer shy away from dyeing your beard as it doesn’t really seem to be a very difficult task to achieve. You might just be required to rinse your beard since a dyed beard is likely to keep its color when they are not often washed. If you want your dyed beard to be maintained but want to wash, you should use shampoo.


It should no longer be a problem for those coloring their beard for the first time because this article comes with a complete guide on beard dyes. However if you still have some unanswered questions, you could meet a physician or better still, get it across to us. Apply for the first, fall in love with your new look and you might not let go of the beard dye. You probably would continue applying this beard product more frequently just to ensure you keep that youthful look