Brazil’s Lion Tamer’s Beard Oil – Sawdust

It’s always especially fun to try really good Swedish products, like Brazil’s Lion Tamer’s Beard Oil. We’ve tested “Sawdust”, and here are our thoughts and impressions about this product.

Well, it does smell like sawdust… Lots of sawdust. If you grew up near a lumberyard, or feel this whole deforestation business is something deep in your soul, this beard oil may fit like a glove. We, however, think the scent may be a little too strong.

Bottle and packaging
One of the main disadvantages (and points of irritation) is the lack of a real dropper. Brazil’s beard oil has was we call an “idiot cap”, which means that you simply have to shake the drops out into your hand. This easily leads to drops ending up somewhere else, or getting too much oil when it’s time to apply it to your beard.

The label is classically attractive, and definitely brings the mind to lion tamers of the circus. The label does feel a bit too cluttered and difficult to read, though.

Even if the oil does its job of making your beard both soft and shiny, the difficulty of getting the drops out of the bottle bothers us. Add a dropper, and we’ll give it a thumbs up. We also think the sawdust smell is just a bit too strong.

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