The Brighton Beard Company – Mandarin & Cedarwood

This little bugger sure is a little… bugger. At first sniff, the senses practically do a somersault, screaming “Hurrah, what a great beard oil!”, but after a while the doubts set in, and we sit there trying to put our feelings into words. What we can say is that this oil will succeed BIG TIME among all the fruit lovers.

Well, it does have a strong scent of mandarin, but we have a hard time detecting that cedar wood the label is on about. We’d say there’s 98 percent mandarin, and 2 percent forest in this bottle.

Bottle and packaging
We bought a 10ml bottle for the test, and it definitely works. The label is clean and stylish, and it has that sailor/pirate look that suits it so perfectly.

As we said, this one is a bit tricky to summarize, but we’ll make an honest attempt. If you like mandarin, the choice is simple. If you want something a bit more manly in terms of scent, you might want to look somewhere else. Despite the powerful scent, we didn’t think it lasted particularly long. After an hour or so, you started wondering if you really remembered the oil in the bathroom, this morning. Bonus points for the dropper.