Broder Joe – Trollskog

There are beard oils with character, and then there beard oils with CHARACTER! Broder Joe’s eco-friendly oil “Trollskog” doesn’t smell nor look like the other beard oils we’ve tried, so how does it really compare to the competition out there? We give you the answer.

The whole world (well, at least our faithful visitors on this site) knows that we like musty and spicy beard oils, and “Trollskog” definitely falls under that category. Not only is the oil eco-friendly and has that raw, opaque appearance, it smells just wonderfully of… hazelnut.

Bottle and packaging
One of the nicest-looking and most particular bottles on the market today. Keep your eyes peeled for the bearded skull, and you’ll find Broder Joe’s entire selection of beard oils (there are four different oils, today). A big bonus is the pump, which makes it super easy to get the right dosage.

A really lovely and musty oil from the deepest Hälsinge forests. We like the raw and untamed in the oil, not to mention that it has the most character out of all the oils we’ve tried. If you want to stand out from the crowd of beards ― buy Broder Joe “Trollskog”.