Brooklyn Soap Company Beard Oil

We can imagine it. We’re walking through a dirty narrow New York alleyway. It’s a crisp autumn morning. Big scarf is wrapped several times around the neck. Beard on display. We stop outside a shop window with a barely noticeable crack down in the left-hand corner. Our gazes are drawn inside. Behind the glass, on a pedestal, is a sample of Brooklyn Soap Company Beard Oil. “That one must sit like a worn-out baseball in a newly-oiled catcher’s mitt”, we whisper in unison. Were we right?

“It smells like gin!” the first one exclaims. “It smells like JUNIPER!!” yells the other. We kept at this for a while, until we agreed that the scent isn’t enough to place it among the top favourites. It just smells like you’d expect a beard oil to smell. A little pine-y and a little oily. No added points to speak of. Sorry.

Bottle and packaging
Eve here, it feels rather neutral. An okay bottle with a (barely) acceptable label. The dropper is good, though, and that’s always a plus.

If you’ve been to New York more than five times, have one of those I LOVE NY t-shirts in the closet, and love everything about “The Big Apple” ― THEN this oil might be something for you. If not… nah.

Lots of different oils, none of which really stand out.