The Dapper Duke – Gentleman’s Summer

“The Dapper Duke” is definitely one of the surprises among our tested brands. This gorgeous bottle provides plenty of lovely experiences for your nose, as well as everyone else’s. It may not be suitable for all occasions, but if you’d like to enhance the scents of summer (or relive them during the bleak winter months), this beard oil may become your best friend (okay, maybe not your BEST friend, but at least a great companion to have in the bathroom cabinet).

The first time we opened the cap for “The Dapper Duke”, it made us flinch. “What is that smell,” we all mumbled, while the guesses were plenty around the table. After a few frustrating minutes, we realised ― orange. And it works surprisingly well for a beard oil. It simply smells of a “Gentleman’s Summer”, with whispering birch leaves, budding flowers, and ripe fruits. Thumbs up from the whole panel!

Bottle and packaging
We’re especially fond of stylish labels and sparing logotypes, so this one was spot-on. Why complicate it? Add a cool black bottle and a dropper, and you’ve got it. We raise our glasses to both the bottle and the packaging.

Undoubtedly one of the candidates for the top. If you like fresh, fruity smells in your beard ― try this one out!