Frans Oskars – Midnattssol

Oh, how happy we get when we find good, eco-friendly beard oils! We grin so hard that our beard almost merge with our eyebrows. In short ― we think this is one of the best beard oils of the summer.

Franks Oskars themselves say that the oil smells of ginger, chamomile, and lime, and sure you can feel it. But to explain the scent more specifically, we’d say that it’s a mix between fresh jungle oil and some eucalyptus. Kind of. Either way, it smells great.

Bottle and packaging
Frans Oskars use a standard bottle with a standard label, and we find that just a little boring. Sure, it works, but there are no points here for thinking outside the box. The packaging is thumbs up, however ― a nice bag with a simple instruction manual and some eco-friendly facts. Once you take out the bottle, it feels a little like bringing a fragile baby bird out of its nest. Fun idea! (we’d like to emphasize, however, that one should never take baby birds out of their nests… Just for the record).

Since the beard oil is eco-friendly, it’s a little opaque, but that just makes it more exciting. We especially like eco-friendly, after all, so we definitely think that Frans Oskars did a great job on this beard oil. The scent is fresh, lasts long, and tames even the wildest of beards out there. We collectively gaze out into the summer night and say: Buy a little bugger for your bathroom cabinet.