Gents / Vision Haircare

Hmm… This one was a little tricky to pinpoint. First of all, we must say that we’re deeply disappointed in this bottle’s label, but we’ll come back to that. It’s a shame, however, because this beard oil is actually rather all right.

When we unscrewed the cap of this 50ml bottle from Gents/Vision haircare and put our noses to work, it was hard to stop sniffing. We inhaled the fumes over and over, and tried to put the scent into words as well as we could. Citrus? Yes! A slight touch of mint? Perhaps. A hundred-year-old wooden box with oil stains? Sure, if you want it badly enough.

Bottle and packaging
As we mentioned earlier… the label… gets… lowest marks. Here, there is much work to be done. Bring in a real formatter/AD/illustrator, and give the bottle a real identity, and sales will skyrocket.

As always, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and if we’d done that with this beard oil, we probably would have given it bottom marks immediately. But oh, how wrong we would have been. This is a very good and fragrant oil which gets thumbs up from the whole test panel.