Golden Beards – Toscana

Weeell, our expectations were rather high when the Swedish postal services brought this to our door. But unfortunately, we have to say that we mostly sat and wrinkled our noses during testing. It just doesn’t smell particularly… good.

If we had to try and describe how Golden Beards – Toscana smells, this is where we end up; Imagine that you’re making yourself a strong lemon drink, and you happen to drop in a jar of black pepper. You try to sift the pepper out, but the drink has already taken on the flavour. Now put your nose by the drink and sniff ― THAT’S what this beard oil smells like!

Bottle and packaging
It seems as though all kinds of people are now making their own beard oils, slapping on a more or less designed label, and trying to sell it as the best beard oil out there. Golden Beards uses a 30ml standard bottle with a dropper, as well as a barely passable label to show off. We are not impressed.

It’s always fun to try new beard oils, but this one fell rather flat. The scent is intrusive, the bottle and label both get low marks, and we just can’t see ourselves using this oil under any circumstances.