This one was interesting! Hommer’s beard oil stands out from most other oils on the market today, both through scent and content. The oil is made from hemp, among other things, which has a special ability to protect and moisturise the beard. We like!

We had to think long and hard before managing to pinpoint this oil’s scent, but eventually we agreed that it has a “fresh scent of driftwood”. The smell itself isn’t as prominent and strong as many other brands, but instead lingers nicely in the background. It simply gives a sense of class!

Bottle and packaging
The white little plastic bottle is incredibly attractive, and fits in nicely on the bathroom shelf, but why is there no dropper? Instead, we have a pouring stopper, which makes it much harder to get the right dose of oil in the palm of your hand.

This beard oil is in a slightly higher price range than many other brands, but we absolutely think it’s worth it. Full points for the label, a few points retracted for the lack of a dropper, but overall double-thumbs up from the whole panel.