JS Sloane

Yeah, they say you get what you pay for… And in this case you get A LOT of beard oil for your money. This oil from JS Sloane costs a little more than the others on the list, but OH, what a beard oil it is!! It’s so good that it immediately claims our second spot on the list.

Think quality. Think English library. This sun ripe limes on an Italian slope. These were the images that popped up when we unscrewed the cap of this little bugger. Joking aside… It smells heavenly.

Bottle and packaging
Fantastic label, a little less fantastic bottle. The bottle is, however, equipped with a pouring stopper, which makes it super easy to find the right dosage of the oil in your hand.

This is proof that quality matters! While many other manufacturers jump on the we’ll-make-our-own-beard-oil trend, and quickly throw something together, JS Sloane has done the opposite. They put their heart and soul into this oil, and it shows!