MenRock – Blues

At first glance, this beard oil feels dangerously mass produced and impersonal. It doesn’t really promise anything, which keeps any expectations at a reasonable level. Which perhaps is for the oil’s benefit.

As mentioned, the expectations weren’t exactly sky high when we unscrewed the cap of this impersonal bottle, and when we put our noses to it, our enthusiasm was low to say the least. The team behind this scent definitely hasn’t gone all out developing it, and for the sake of being nice, the panel concludes that it smells like… citrus. That’s it! This oil is unfortunately so boring, it’s sad.

Bottle and packaging
It’s not enough that the scent doesn’t really raise any eyebrows, the bottle is delivered without packaging, and with a label that looks like it belongs on some globally low-budget deodorant. We must give some points for the dropper, though. Thumbs up for that!

Nah, this half measure doesn’t really suffice for any of us men. When you go through the trouble of producing a beard oil, developing the scent, designing a label, and sending it off to shops, shouldn’t you at least try to make something special out of it? It really feels like we just threw money away with this oil. Boo!