Mr Bear Family – Woodland

Oh, this was a pleasant surprise! When we opened the delivery of beard oil from Mr Bear Family, we came upon perhaps the coolest packaging on the market today ― a toilet roll. Yes, it’s true! We bow to the creativity and become really curious about how the oil measures up to the tough competition. Let’s find out, right now.

Okay, we ordered a “Woodland”, and expected an oil with a nice mixed smell of bark, soil, pine, lava, and lumber… And that’s exactly what we got! A nicely rough, musty oil which without much ado brings your thoughts to the deepest Swedish forests. Good and well-balanced intensity which lasts a long while. Top notch!

Bottle and packaging
As we mentioned earlier, this beard oil is delivered in one of the coolest toilet rolls we’ve ever seen. The bottle itself is 30ml wears a stylish label with a reasonably cocky bear. And to top things off, there’s also that appreciated dropper in the cap.

One of our absolute favourites! A clear but musty smell that’ll make a man out of any old tit. We give this little bugger a giant seal of approval and recommendation.

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