Mustache wax

Every man should be given the opportunity to groom and style his mustache to his own taste. You might never get that desired look until you get a mustache wax that takes you to a whole new world of creativity.


There are so many types of waxes on the market and this makes it difficult to choose. What makes it more difficult is knowing which one will work for you. For a mustache wax to work for you, certain factors have to be considered. One of the foremost factors is whether or not your stache is thin/thick. (that is the softness or coarseness of your skin). Other factors include the climate of the environment you reside and the styling of your stache. To help you avoid mistakes that result from trial and error, we have come up with this guide.


Difference between a mustache wax, beard balm and beard oil

There is a clear difference between a mustache wax and other products like the beard oils and balms. This uniqueness makes them beneficial and useful in styling your beards. When you take a good look at the label on a mustache wax, you will notice that the same ingredients used for the wax are also used in preparing oils and balms.


However, the ingredient when compared to oils and balms and other product are completely different. Before we continue, let me bring to your notice that mustache waxes are not conditioners and may not really be beneficial to your skin or follicle. Although it contains carrier oil, the fundamental ingredient in so many mustache waxes is the beeswax.


Beard Balm Is a Hybrid Between Beard Oil and Mustache Wax

Although mustache waxes contains both essential and carrier oil like the beard oil, beard balms also includes a level of wax in its production as well as butter.


For a beardsman that makes use of beard balm, he also gets to receive the same conditioning benefits as the beard oil with a soft hold achieved by the addition of beeswax


Typically, you can always expect your beard to remain in place for just a few hours by brushing or combing your hair after you must have applied your balm. However, beard balm can not get you the much needed difference that you need in preventing an unruly occurrence.


In general, beard balms can attend to the overall beard shape but not the small specific areas that have tiny little hairs. Therefore the mustache waxes are very useful for optimal and enhanced control


Keeping every follicle in check

Since the usefulness of the mustache wax was discovered, it has always been used in making the beard go any direction depending on what the stylist wants. These waxes are safe for use and are better alternatives to other holding product that are manufactured with chemicals that could be harmful or irritating to the skin.


You need not to worry anymore if your mustache is already curling up into your mouth or if all you want is a killer handlebar mustache because we bring you the perfect solution for that gorgeous look. Mustache waxes come in handy as they help you give your facial hair that perfect style in any shape or form based on your preference.


Specifically, these waxes can get your mustache in the direction you want although some people may have theirs shaped on their own. Your mustaches will not have to interfere with your food anymore due to that perfect hold and style offered by these waxes.


Differentiating between waxes

Just the same way we have different kinds of hair in terms of texture, color, length, and curls, so also we have different types of mustaches. This means that different types of waxes will apply to different types of mustaches. In essence, the waxes used in controlling these mustaches are not the same for all men.


Most men, or simply put most users have come up with 3 categories for which mustache waxes can be classified. They are the soft, medium, and firm category. For a shorter stache, the soft waxes are recommended for effective result in controlling stray hairs. At the end, they give the stache a good and healthy look with a nice sheen.


On the other hand, the other two categories which are the medium and firm category works better on lengthier staches. They are used for styling the mustache and at the same time for control. However, the firmer the wax, the better and longer it can hold in humid or temperate areas.


When should you start using mustache waxes?


When to get started


As soon as you start growing facial hair, it is usually advisable to allow it grow for on its own for one to three months before you consider applying the mustache wax. This gives you an idea of what your facial hair will turn out to be and then you come to terms with the shape of your natural mustache and beard. At the point of starting off with waxes, you might have gotten to the point where your mustache hairs are able to find their way into the corners of your mouth.


When your mustached become a nuisance


This is a critical questions asked by mustache wearers when they get to this point. Most times they are left confused on whether to trim or shave it as they they feel these two options are the only way out. Some have even gone ahead to trim their mustaches for as long as more than a year but in the end, they don’t the satisfaction they so desire. well, the mustaches waxes gives the option of taming and training your hair. Just get your favourite mustache ready with your two fingers available for application, and then a little patience.


What you should keep in mind


It is perfectly normal if your mustaches wax after application does not come out natural just the way you expect. This dissatisfaction could be as a result of using a bit more than what was required or forcing your hair to align in a way that is strange to them. However, with time your mustaches will begin to accept this new reformation and when they, the amount of wax needed to to give it the shape you desire will be on the reducing side.


You will also find out that the your mustaches hold and style differently than when you just started. There is not an exact time frame on when you begin to get the desired result but you shouldn’t get disappointed when you don’t get the desired result on time. It is just your hair adjusting to better looks


Choosing the best mustache wax

Knowing the particular type or the brand that will properly do the job without asking questions depends on some factors that should be considered before you can get the right one for you. This is an important session so that when you make a purchase, you are sure to get great value for money.


Most importantly is your hair type. You should know what your hair looks like so you know if you are getting the soft, medium, or firm wax. For instance, you have to consider the thickness of your stache, the mustache style you wear and the weather of that area where in you reside.


Having known your hair type, the next thing you might want to think about is the hold that you want to realize. Most manufacturers of these waxes make products and claim that they give soft, medium and firm hold. For best result, if you want your mustache to stay in place all through the day, then you get a wax that can get you a strong hold.


Sometimes you might want to go about this discovery by trying out some of the waxes that are posed as what seems to be the best kinds in the market. Anyways, if you find yourself in this path of discovering the right waxes for your mustaches, you will find in this review some of the best waxes that should suit your style. We shall be describing briefly how each of these brands works and who should use them


Another key factor to consider when choosing the right mustache wax for you should be the color of the wax itself. Normally you would want to get a wax that matches or resembles your hair color when selecting the type you want. Having said this, a person with lighter facial hair will get a wax lighter in color and then vice versa for darker facial hair types.

But note that there are waxes that are available out there and are white in color but when they are finally applied they appear to be clear on your mustache.

Basic ingredient used in making these waxes

Primary, mustache waxes are made of beeswax. This is a styling agent and also helps protect your beard follicle from damage. Beeswax actually offers numerous benefits to your beard and this goes beyond just making it look stylish as usual. Majority of waxes should include mostly beeswax and this is typically true for much stronger hold mustache wax


Also included in the ingredients for the production of mustache waxes are other styling agents such as the pine sap which enhances strength of the hold throughout the day. Therefore you might just need less touch up maintenance to keep your mustache in check.


Aside from styling agents, mustache waxes also contain carrier and essential oils. Carrier oils ingredient provides moisture and rich amount of nourishment for the skin and hair follicles. When your mustache gets longer, you notice that your skin begins to dry up and this gives an itchy feeling. The introduction of the carrier will help in relieving you of this discomfort and prevent any occurrence of dandruff.


To wrap this up, the most common ingredient found in mustache waxes are:


  • Beeswax
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Coconut oil or shea nut butter
  • Gum arabic or pine resin
  • Tallow
  • Scented oils


Applying a mustache wax

It is quite an easy task to apply a mustache wax but you must know just as it has been talked about earlier that these waxes are not conditioners. Therefore if you look further to conditioning your bard or mustache, you might want to apply a beard oil or a beard balm before the final application of the mustache wax.


Just before you get started, you are simply advised to scrap out using your thumbnail as little as a pea sized amount. As soon as it has been scraped off, you take a little amount of mustache wax and then massage gently between your index finger and your thumb.


You will continue massaging the mustache wax until it becomes completely melted. After it has been melted, you will need to apply it into the areas of your face to to cover your beard or your mustache. You keep applying until you have the desired results.


For easy application, some men have resolved to placing their mustache wax in hot water to thaw it out effectively just before you scrap with your thumbnail. Another method of thawing would be the use of a blow dryer. This can be used by directly pointing the dryer towards the wax tin.


Another way to do this which has become a good routine by some men is filling up your sink with hot water before you get into shower. Then make sure that the tin of the mustache wax is fully closed or tightly sealed in a ziplock bag if need be and finally, place the wax tin in the sink filled with the hot water.


As soon as you come out of the shower when the water in the sink has probably become cold or warm, you will want to take out the wax. You then get a much more pliable product that will be easier to work with.


Questions you ask yourself before, on and after application

How Much Wax Should I Apply?:

There isn’t a standard for application amount.however, as time goes on, you get to develop a feeling of your own on what you actually need. To be on safe side, start with a small amount and then go higher until you achieve the stiffness you desire. For athletic even where stiffer application is needed, I would recommend you use more but for a relaxing situation, you should use lesser.


Why Use Natural Mustache Wax Ingredients?

Avoid waxes that are made of unnatural sealant and petroleum jelly. This contents can be offensive to the skin and capable of also ruining your stache


How To Remove Mustache Wax?

There is a tendency of a build up if you don’t remove the mustache was for long time of at least 12 hours. This buildup can lead to blocked pores and this may result in weighing down your mustache.


To avoid this, I recommend you use warm water to rinse the mustache and then use soap water to rinse the stache. You should continue rinsing until the wax is no more. You can also rely on the use oil based wax remover and conditioner to do the job.


You go about the mustache remover by applying a little amount on a shaving brush and then massage gently across your mustache. You can choose to leave the oil overnight for better conditioning or rinse off with warm water. There are other methods used out there but I can’t tell you that I trust them.



In summary, this is an extensive guide, with a brief assessment and a review of highly rated mustache wax products. I can only assure you that, if you have given your time to following this article, then getting the next mustache wax will not come in reluctance or confusion. Now, you are aware of what this product is all about, how it works and what it is made of.


I have gone further to bring to you the best that there is on the market. All of the product listed have been proven to stay in place for a very long time and are very effective for handlebar mustaches. With these waxes, you can now have that gorgeous look that you think only movie actors and cartoon characters can have. You therefore have a guide and a few options to choose from. Go ahead and learn how to apply, get the best you can find in the market and then you are set for that sophisticated look.

In conclusion on the best mustaches for men, a real gentlemen would want to keep his mustache well groomed without the stress of going to a salon. You could decide to settle for a beard balm but might not get the required texture that you always find in the best mustache waxes. This is because the mustache waxes are much more suited for the shaping and styling of your beards in a rather satisfying manner.