Nôberu – Feather Beard Oil – Sandalwood

This oil is a bit lighter than its big brother, Heavy (which we liked so much it gave us chills), and this version holds up just as well.

Hmm… Sandalwood. We sniff to the point where we’re nearly hyperventilating, before we manage to describe the smell in words. Because it smells like (according to us) like a newly-built sauna. A soft woody scent with a touch of burnt sauna paneling ― close your eyes and imagine it, and you’ll probably understand what we mean (…or maybe not).

Bottle and packaging
The durable little plastic bottle looks both nice and exclusive from all angles, and the amazing pump makes it super easy to get just the right dosage. Full marks, here.

Right, if we were to brand this one… Don’t get us wrong, we really do like Noberu and their beard products, but there is something about this scent that makes us hesitant to give it the highest score. Perhaps it’s the reminder of a sauna that makes us give this beard oil “just” a strong 4,5 on our 5-point scale.