Nôberu – Heavy Beard Oil – Amber-Lime

Well, now! This one, we like! Noberu is right now going from one success to another, with a big selection of exciting beard products, so we felt compelled to try some of them. Let’s start by saying that this oil, Heavy Beard Oil Amber-Lime, is one of the best we’ve tried.

We’d like to say that this oil has a perfect blend of scent and strength. The clear lime scent is prominent, but still not intrusive, and it quickly became a favourite among the ones we’ve tried so far. The slightly heavier oil also makes it easy to get a handle on even the wildest beard hairs that would prefer to do their own thing. Thumbs up!

Bottle and packaging
Attractive, practical, and different! The oil comes in a nice little plastic pump bottle, which isn’t put to shame in any bathroom cabinet out there. The pump makes it easy to get the right dosage, and it also has a lock mechanism, eliminating the risk of drenching your toiletry bag in oil whenever you travel.

Indeed, it’s moments like these when you’re proud to be a Swede. A really nice beard oil with a fresh and well-balanced scent one happily struts around with. We raise the Swedish flag and salute. Well done, Noberu!