Oil Can Grooming – Iron Horse

There are cool beard oils, cooler beard oils… And then there’s Oil Can Grooming beard oils. We immediately felt that this oil was something special, the moment we saw the packaging, and everyone wanted to be the first to test it out. After many mmm’s and aaah’s, we sat down to summarize this exciting oil, and here is the result.

We all had different suggestions on how this beard oil really smells, but eventually, we’d reached a conclusion ― musky leather with a touch of old wood. It practically sets the standard for how a good beard oil should smell, and we tip our hats and bow to those who concocted this recipe. Well done!

Bottle and packaging
Well, see for yourselves. How cool is this bottle? This little aluminium container is definitely the most attractive bottle on the beard oil shelves today, and it even has a clever little pouring stopper which makes it easy to get the right dosage of the oil. If we had more thumbs, this one would have gotten 8-9 thumbs up.

A fantastic beard oil with equally fantastic packaging. The somewhat sweet, musky, woody scent is quickly addictive, and we think this oil will become really popular among us bearded men, for quite some time ahead.