Privacy policy
On this website, we take care to protect the privacy of out visitors. Our visitors’ trust is our most valuable asset, and therefore we have a strict privacy policy. This policy explains how we collect and use cookies, and how we protect our users’ integrity. If you have any questions concerning collection and use of cookies, as well as how we protect our visitors, feel free to contact us here.

Use of cookies and other measurements:
We use cookies to make the usage of our websites easier, and to personalise some of the content. A cookie is a small text file, which is sent from our server and saved by your browser. The cookie helps the ad system to recognise what kind of content and ads you use on the website. The information that’s saved can be information about how you’ve surfed and used our websites, information about the browser you use, which ads you’ve seen, and how you surf the website.

We use statistics in collected/aggregated form about users/traffic and traffic providers. This kind of statistics never contain any type of personal information, however. IP-addresses aren’t saved in our database which concerns behavior on the website, and therefore the information about you can never be connected to your identity. Your IP-address is saved for security reasons only in the cases where you comment on an article, or if you actively register yourself on the website.

•   Let the system recognise returning users, to be able to shape the services just for you
•   Calculate and report user numbers and traffic
•   Make it easier for you to move around the website
•   Build segments and target groups for marketing purposes, and to aim ads
•   Decrease ads that are irrelevant to certain groups
•   Develop and improve the website by understanding how the website works

Sometimes, we use third-party cookies from other companies to do market surveys and traffic measurements, make handling ads easier, and to improve the website’s functionality. We sometimes use pixels and transparent GIFs to simplify advertising on the web. These files come from our ad network and tech providers. The files make it possible for the ad system to recognize cookies on your computer, to more easily understand which ads should be shown or which ads have been shown in the browser.

How you can decline this service:
You can delete cookies from your hard drive anytime, but this will result in your personal settings disappearing. You can also change the settings in your browser, so that it doesn’t allow cookies to be saved on your hard drive. This will lower the functionality on some websites, however, may block access to member-only pages, and make some content and functions unavailable.

More information about how you can prevent cookies can be found at

Edit: We may at some point change this privacy policy to follow legal requirements, as well as our own praxis for collection and use of data. This version was updated 2016-01-25.