Proraso was probably the first beard oil we noticed in the shops a few years ago, but we’ve never tried it. Until now. With a big dose of expectation, and an even bigger dose of hope, we opened the little orange bottle and crossed our fingers. We quickly realised, however, that our dreams were not to come true, this time.

Yes, at first we thought it smelled good, but the more we thought about it, the more this beard oil just reminded us of grandma’s green eucalyptus tablets you used to stuff your mouth with in the early 80s. Goodness! Add a touch of cough drops, and you have our (not too flattering) scent description for this model.

Bottle and packaging
Neither great nor terrible. A yellow lion on an orange background and a big flag ― no surprises here. Comes in a box with a clear description of how you should go about applying the oil. As usual… a huge plus for a proper dropper.

Well, this one didn’t really get in the good graces of our test panel. We’d spend all days of the week and all our money on one of the Swedish candidates of our top list, instead.

Among other things
Sunflower oil
Avocado oil
Walnut extract