Recipe for Men Beard Elixir

This little oil caught our eye due to two things ― the plastic bottle, and the “flap”. That it then comes in packaging that mostly reminds you of a salve from the pharmacy, might throw you off a bit, but we still went ahead and tested this one out with a mind as open as possible.

Are you old enough to remember the sports drink, Pripps Plus? Then you’re not too far away from the scent of this oil. It’s fresh, it’s fruity, it’s absolutely not too much for our noses. But… if you reeeaaally love citrus ― go for it!

Bottle and packaging
Good-looking, stylish, and effective is what we’d like to call it. The bottle is made from plastic, and the label has a little “flap” with product information that sticks out from the bottle. Sure, it might feel just a bit crazy, but honestly, it’s also quite annoying. Bonus points, as usual, for the glass dropper.

An intensely fresh citrus scent that nearly knocks you over is what makes us approach this oil with caution. Because we believe that this one makes it impossible to combine with your daily perfume. A big YES for the citrus lovers ― an equally resounding NO for… those who aren’t as fond of citrus.