Sailor’s Beard Oil – Antarctica

Sailor’s has long since been one of the big ones, and we can absolutely understand why. The gorgeous labels are so cool that they fit in easily in any bathroom cabinet, and the quality of the oils is high and can be matched with even the best brands. So what’s the good and the bad about this beard oil?

The first thing that hits us when we unscrew the cap of “Antarctica” is the fresh scent of eucalyptus, mint, and citrus. You could definitely use just this oil instead of perfume, since it has a very well-balanced scent that doesn’t stand out too much. If we had to put our finger on something negative, however, it would be that this version smells a little too strongly for our taste, but that’s subjective.

Bottle and packaging
A big plus about Sailor’s is the good-looking and practical dropper, which makes it easy to dose the amount of oil you intend to use. We use 9-10 drops and massage it into our beards. The oil feels clean and fresh, and leaves the beard (as well as the skin underneath) both soft and nicely scented. Yet another plus for this oil is that it’s 100% eco-friendly, free of parabens, and made in Sweden.

If we had to summarize the overall impression of this product, we’d say that Sailor’s is one of our absolute favourites among the beard oils we’ve tried so far. With robust scents, incredibly attractive labels, and a very affordable price (around 139kr for 30ml), we give two thumbs up for this excellent beard buddy.