When we first got our hands on this lovely bottle, we really started liking our Finland a little extra.

“A clear scent of pine needles, mixed with vanilla” was the consensus for this beard oil. After wearing it for several days, we can say that it holds its scent well, and works for both everyday occasions as well as more special ones.

Bottle and packaging
We give highest points for the keychain attachment, but also have to take a step back due to the dosage itself. It’s hard to adjust the amount of oil through the opening, which means you often end up with too much in your hand. A dropper underneath the screw cap would be preferred.

Well, our neighbors to the east know what they’re doing. A well-balanced beard oil which might have the coolest bottle on today’s market. A clear scent of pine, with hints of vanilla, puts this little bugger high up on our list of favourites. A big added plus for the bottle, an added minus for the dosage.