Solomon’s Beard – Japanese Sandal

The first thought that went through our heads when we first laid our hands on this beard oil was… “How would an Italian oil with Japanese influences even smell? We’re talking major boundary-crossing fusions!” We unscrewed the cap and took a few giant sniffs… to then sit silently for several minutes and try to put our thoughts into words. 

If we had to try and describe the scent of Solomon’s Beard – Japanese Sandal, we’ve managed to boil it down into one sentence: A good mix of sandalwood, leather, and soap (though we do think it smells just a little too much of soap).

Bottle and packaging
The cool black bottle takes no shit, and the label demands respect among other brands on the market. Definitely satisfactory!

A good and stable beard oil that works just as well for the impending Nobel event as it does on a night out with the boys. The oil doesn’t feel too fatty, and it easily keeps the beard hairs in check. The scent lasts for a long time, and will tickle your senses all through the day. Thumbs up!